Special Needs

St. Paul’s Missionary College welcomes within its’ student ranks one or two students with special needs per class.  Such students, aided by Learning Support Assistants, are integrated within mainstream education, providing them with the necessary tools to develop and enhance their abilities, according to their potential.

St. Paul’s Missionary College is continuously upgrading itself in order to be in a better position to cater for students with various needs. The school premises have facilities (ramps, a main lift and a stairs-lift) to help physically impaired children easy access to most of the facilities within the building and surrounding grounds. In the near future, another wheel-chair lift will also provide easy access to the main stage in our renowned auditorium. The college has also invested in acoustic soffit for the classroom ceilings to help hearing impaired pupils. Some are already in place together with curtains to further enhance the classroom acoustics. Interactive whiteboards in specialised classrooms are also in the pipeline.  We are always open to discussions regarding further enhancements to include all children.

Qualified and experienced Learning Support Assistants look after these students’ needs.  Mrs. Kay Cassar is responsible for assisting and giving directions to all Learning Support Assistants.

The College strives to offer inclusion in as many activities as possible both inside and outside the classroom. To help children with special needs obtain better access to the curriculum, some adjustments are introduced. These include: changes to teaching and learning arrangements, classroom organisation, timetabling, support from other pupils etc. One-to-one lessons are also arranged according to the student’s needs.  Special needs students normally sit for the school term exams; some have main stream papers and others do individually set/adapted papers according to their Individual Education Programmes.

Besides the academic aspect, once a fortnight the College also organises trips to Inspire – the Foundation for Inclusion for some of these students, where during their specific sessions they practise art, pottery, horse-riding and grooming, animal interaction, park activities, go-carting and also sessions  inside the multi-sensory room.

Life skills are taught to special needs students to improve their day-to-day living. Life skills, such as money management, hygiene, shopping for groceries, using public transport service etc., are essential for these students to learn because they enable the transition from school to life in the “real world.” The College Guidance Instructor will also advise and assist the student and his guardian/s when deciding about further studies, following the termination of the student’s studies at St. Paul’s Missionary College.

Every effort is made to treat all students equally in every way possible and respect for their specific disability is a teachable moment for other students too.