A Typical Day

The school day starts at 07:30 in the morning.  A short school assembly is followed by prayer-time, such as:

  • celebration of mass
  • music-video and reflections
  • short Bible studies
  • prayer meetings in smaller groups

After prayer-time there is a 15 minute break during which the boys socialise and also prepare themselves for the first lesson which starts at 8: 15 am.  Lessons at St. Paul’s Missionary College – Senior School – are all 40 minutes long, and follow this programme:

Start time End time
07:30 School Starts
07:30 07:30 Assembly
07:35 08:00 Prayer Time
08:00 08:15 Short Break
08:15 08:55 Lesson 1
08:55 09:35 Lesson 2
09:35 10:15 Lesson 3
10:15 10:30 Break
10:35 11:15 Lesson 4
11:15 11:55 Lesson 5
11:55 12:35 Lesson 6
12:35 13:30 Break
13:40 14:20 Lesson 7
14:20 15:00 Lesson 8
15:00 Time to go home for some
15:15 16:30 After-school optional lessons

During the mid-day break, the students have access to the school library and computer laboratory.  Throughout the scholastic year there are football, basketball, handball, billiards, table-tennis, table-soccer, chess and draughts tournaments.  Students can enrol and participate in any of these activities during the mid-day break.

There is a 5-minute interval between the end of the mid-morning break and the fourth lesson and a 10-minute interval between the end of the mid-day break and the seventh lesson, providing sufficient time for the students to return from the play-grounds to the classrooms and settle down again for the subsequent lessons.

Thursday afternoons at college are very different.  An attractive number of Extra-Curricular Activities are organised by the staff for the students, replacing the last two lessons.  At the beginning of Term 1 (October) and Term 2 (January) the students are asked to choose an extra-curricular activity they would like to participate in during that Term.  Activities offered during the second term 2010/2011 included:

  • cooking, swimming, pottery, futsal, trekking, chess, drama, photography, athletics, handball, arts, fretwork, guitar lessons, and table-tennis

The last lesson ends at 15:00, when the students leave the College to return home.

The College also offers optional after-school ‘O’ level courses to Form 4 and 5 students in Accounts, Computer Studies, Technical Design, English Literature and Economics.  Courses start during the Summer Holidays at the end of Form 3.