The Student Support Team

During the last few years, our school has continued to invest in formulating a student support team, which will assist our students in the development of their educational program. This team is made up of various professionals including the guidance teacher, the youth worker, the school counsellor, the educational psychologist/psychology assistant, the social worker and the spiritual director.


Professionals working in both the Primary and Secondary School include:


  • The Educational psychologist/psychology assistant partners with families, teachers, LSAs, school administrators and other professionals to create safe and supportive learning environments. This is done through consultation, psycho-educational assessment and intervention that is aimed at fostering the students’ academic, social, behavioural and emotional development.

  • The Social worker helps children develop social competence and at the same time helps the school to respond to the needs and aspirations of children, parents and community. She also examines and intervenes on systems outside the school that might be having a negative affect on the student.

  • The Spiritual Director directs children to grow spiritually. Such spiritual growth involves guidance, reassurance and discernment of God’s signs in each personal journey.

Professionals working in the Secondary school include:


  • The Guidance Teacher individually supports the students in their pastoral and educational needs. He assists and provides curricular guidance to students during transition from primary to secondary, while choosing their subjects between form 2 and 3 and in their transition to post-secondary colleges. The guidance teacher also raises awareness about opportunities of further education and training providers to students before leaving college. He also offers support in personal career planning and careers education through talks, career-oriented visits and vocational experiences.


  • The Youth worker assists young people with challenging behaviour at school to become more aware of their personal, social, cultural and political skills. She also encourages students’ participation in the school and in the wider community. The youth worker will be working with Senior 4 and 5 students.

  • The School counsellor helps students to explore feelings and emotions that are often related to their experience. This then reduces their confusion and enables them to cope with challenges and/or to make positive changes in their life where necessary.




Referral to the above-mentioned professionals may be made by parents, members of staff and the students themselves. Sessions are typically held during school hours. Parents/Guardians can also request to meet up with the professionals by setting up an appointment through the school administration.


Data Gathering

All the information gathered during the sessions will be used to facilitate intervention, which is aimed at enhancing your son’s academic progress, behaviour, social skills and emotional wellbeing. Nonetheless, children/parents/legal guardians are free to withhold any information. Members of the student support team may also request to meet up with other professionals who are working with the child in order to ensure continuity of services received.



Information that is mentioned during the sessions will remain confidential unless permission is obtained from the student/parent himself or in case of harm to self and others. Additionally, breaching of confidentiality will occur if the professional hears that an elder or dependent adult is being or has been abusive with the child.

Consent from parents/guardians

The form below is being sent to the parents of every child within our Junior and Senior school. Your consent will give us the possibility of offering these services to your child (all students) at school when needed.  The service could be offered in groups or on an individual basis according to necessity. Click on this link Consent Form to download. Return form to school in a sealed envelope. Should you wish to terminate professional involvement at any point during the child’s academic years at St Paul’s Missionary College, kindly inform Fr. Silvio or Mr. Adrian Zahra (