Eko-Skola – CHOGM related activities


This year our Eko-skola team is not only promoting better waste management among our school (a project we have been working on over the last few years) but we are also working on Chogm related activities. Since in Malta we will be hosting this international meeting, Eko-Skola Malta has given us the opportunity to voice our opinions and concerns. We were assigned with a particular Chogm country and were asked to do research about it focusing our attention on particular problems this country might be facing. Immediately, the Eko-skola team at our school started researching important information about Cameroon. Apart from learning a lot of interesting facts about the country we learnt that Cameroon is facing serious water shortage problems. Our Eko-Skola team wanted this activity to be a whole-school one thus a power point presentation with information about Cameroon was shown during one of our assemblies. Juniors 3, 4, 5 and 6’s were then invited to extend this research by doing their own. Teachers were encouraged to include this with their English creative writing lessons and eventually boys were asked to prepare a poster with the necessary information they found. All the school was so much involved in this project and a lot of valuable solutions of how we can overcome this water problem in Cameroon were put forward by some of the boys.  On a particular day, two Cameroonian football players who play with a local team were invited at our school. The junior 4 classes and the Eko-Skola team interviewed them. The pupils were really intrigued by the information which was being shared. The Cameroonian players were amazed with all the information the pupils knew about their country. Finally, the players showed some football techniques to the pupils. The latter were ecstatic and the Cameroon activity was a success.