Students’ Council


The Council represents the whole student body. Hence it is a very important element in the set up of the College. It aims to liaise ever better with the Administration Team of the school, and to forward any suggestions that it considers beneficial to the school in general, and the student body in particular.

Students Council

Each class is represented on the Council. Forms 1, 2 elect one representative per class, whilst each of the senior classes has two representatives. Class representatives are expected to listen to their colleagues and eventually pass on suggestions to the Council itself.

Some History

In the first term of their fifth year, back in 1995, Clifford Carauna and Jonathan Cassar approached the Rector and asked for a Students’ Council to be set up. They were asked to report back to the different classes and obtain their support. Eventually, the first Council was voted in, and Fr Alfred Farrugia mssp was asked by the new Council to act as liaison officer between the Council and the rest of the staff. Today, this role is covered by Mr Stefan Tanti, Mathematics Teacher

The 2012/2013 Council Members are:

Position Name Class
President Daniel Vella 5B
Secretary Kristen Carabott 5A
Members Kyle Piccinino 5B
Kuke Grixti 5A
Kris Farrugia 4B
Warren Farrugia 4B
Isaac Zammit 4A
James Zerafa 4A
Benjamin C. Borg 3B
Owen Felice 3B
Myron Ellul 3A
Andrea Farrugia 3A
Neil Zahra 2B
Terence Ellul 2A
Isaac Millo 1B
Michael Debattista 1A