Pastoral Care

The College Pastoral Care Team (PCT) was set up with one specific aim; to convey the message of the Gospel, thus spreading the news of Jesus’ infinite and unconditional love towards each one of us.  To reach this aim, the PCT works with all those who form part of the College – students, parents and staff.

This team consists of:

  • Fr Silvio Bezzina mssp | College Rector
  • Mr James Aquilina | Assistant Headmaster
  • Fr Karm Debattista mssp | Spiritual Director
  • Mrs Catherine Schembri | LSA / PCT secretary
  • Mr Joe Cardona | Teacher
  • Mrs Antoinette Costa | Teacher
  • Mrs Doris Muscat | LSA
  • Mrs Rita Tonna | LSA
  • Mr Herman Bugeja | Teacher
  • Mrs Clara Azzopardi | Teacher
  • Fr Hector Attard mssp
  • Fr Martin Galea mssp
Pastoral Care Team

The PCT team meets weekly to discuss and organise the following activities:

  • Every school-day begins with prayers and liturgical activities.  Year groups and individual classes participate in moments of spiritual reflection.
  • Separate retreats are planned for all Forms, during Advent and Lent.
  • Holy Mass – celebrated regularly and on special occasions, animated by the PCT.
  • Spiritual celebrations on special occasions, such as Opening Day, Mission week in October, Rector’s Day, the Conversion of St. Paul which is the MSSP and College feast and other key events commemorating the life of our founder Mons Giuseppi Depiro, Christmas celebrations, Ash Wednesday, Our Lady of Sorrows, Eucharistic Day, and Form 5 Graduation Day.
  • Go Tell - a prayer meeting which is held during the mid-day break every Wednesday and Friday in the college chapel.
  • Outreach - a school activity held twice a year wherein the whole school population, subdivided into small groups,  visits homes of the elderly, day centres for people with special needs, and other centres. Students and staff spend time with the respective residents or clients, sometimes doing manual work.
  • The spiritual part of all staff afternoons and staff days.
  • Moments of prayer, for the parents who help out in the canteen and other fund raising activities, lead by the MSSP members of the team.
  • Home visits during the summer holidays to all new families (Form 1 students).
  • Parent Seminars dealing with contemporary issues.