Old Boys’ Association

The Aim of the Old Boys’ Association is to foster, promote and cultivate close relationships and better understanding among the past students of the College as well as to help in the promotion and progress of the College.

Our Association welcomes all college ex-students. Friendships and relationships established during our stay at the College are thus further strengthened and, in some cases, renewed after a number of years.

The Association endeavours to organise a get-together for all members at least once a year.  This is usually held around the feast of St Paul’s Shipwreck. Throughout these last couple of years, the activities held on this occasion varied and included religious celebrations, exhibitions, sports activities, concerts with the participation of various old boys as well as fund raising activities in aid of the missions of Missionary Society of St Paul.

One other important date in the Association’s calendar is a meeting held for the current year’s graduates. We try our best to trace our Old Boys who graduate every year, even at post-graduate level, and hold a short meeting for them and their close relatives late in November of every year. Year in year out, we manage to trace over 30 ex-student graduands, and many of them accept our invitation and come over to the College, accompanied by their parents, fiancées, or family.

The Association also issues a yearly newsletter which usually carries news and information related to ex-alumni, past and present members of the College as well as the latest news about the members of the MSSP.

The Association may be contacted on the following e-mail address: spmcinfo@gmail.com

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