Our College received its first intake in October 1964, in what was then the library of the Motherhouse that the Missionary Society of St Paul has in Rabat.

The College was the brainchild of Fr Stanley Tomlin mssp, who realised that a secondary school can well be the “greenhouse of the Missionary Society of St Paul”. This vision has been proved true. Quite a number of college old boys are currently serving as MSSP members both in Malta and in the missions, while a number of others have become diocesan priests or joined other religious congregations.

The College was founded as a non-fee paying school. In its first years, both the academic and support staff were all MSSP members who received no remuneration for their services, and this enabled them to witness concretely to the Gospel dictum: “Seek first the kingdom of God and all the rest will then be given unto you” (Lk 21, 31).

Work on the present premises of the school started in 1974, and was completed in 1982 with the inauguration of St Agatha’s Auditorium. The school building is a tribute to God’s providence and the generosity of so many parents. It was completed when the College was the only non-fee paying private school in Malta, and we as MSSP members had no fixed income.

Over the years, there have been developments in the school curriculum, particularly in the sciences, IT, and modern languages. Today’s staff complement, unlike as in the first years, is mainly lay, but a considerable number of our teachers are also graduate SPMC old boys – and this not by coincidence!

Over the years, parents have come to form an integral part of our daily school life. And our old boys are now well established at various levels in the fabric of Maltese society, and very much present in the various post-secondary institutions as well as at University.