College Ethos

The traits that have developed as constant features during the years since our foundation in 1964, help constitute our college ethos, and which we may sum up as follows:

  • A concrete response to the Christian call, built on the Eucharist; living the Word of the Lord and the Liturgy; regular availability of the Spiritual Director; and personal witness.
  • The holistic formation of our students that necessitates offering them a wide range of extracurricular activities in order to give scope to their different talents.
  • A personal attention to each member of the college: students, staff, parents.
  • A rigorous academic life.
  • A Code of Behaviour emanating from a particular vision of life.
  • The central role of our lay staff.
  • Direct involvement of the students in school life.
  • Direct involvement by the parents at various levels of school life.

As a school, we are very thankful for these various elements that constitute our daily life. Ensuring the right balance between these same elements is our ongoing concern.