SPMC – Malta Robotics Olympiad 2015 Winners

St.Paul’s Missionary College – Malta Robotics Olympiad 2015 Winners and Runners Up

St.Paul’s Missionary College participated in the Malta Robotics Olympiad 2015, with two of its teams Team Gamma and Team Beta securing 1st and 2nd place whilst Team Alpha secured the 4th place.

1st Place – Team Gamma – Keith Bonello 4A + Gabriel Muscat 4B
2nd Place – Team Beta – Gavin Bonavia 4A + Geert Grech!!

Medals for both winners and runners up, trophy for the school, Rasberry PI portable computers for winners!

4th Place – Team Alpha – Markus Xerri, Lyon Schembri & Antheus Ciappara

A Big Well Done to the Robotics Club students!!